Frequently Asked Questions 

*How can I request a Pinup Angels' Gift Pack?

Click here to fill out a request FORM.  The Pinup Angels' Gift Pack is a small gift package containing pinup prints, cards, letters, artwork, and occasionally magazines.  A Gift Pack is available to all Active Duty, Reserve, and Veterans of all branches.

*How can I request a Care Package?

 Click here to fill out a request FORMA Care Package is available to all servicemen and servicewomen serving overseas in a deployed status.  Our Care Packages include snacks, holiday items, cards & letters, signed pin-ups, and other items donated by our community.  Please keep in mind we are a small outfit and we are best equipped to support individuals, sections, and small platoons.  However, we will do our best to support anyone who asks!

*I want to help, what can I do?

 We are always grateful to have help and support from countless individuals from our communities that are not on our immediate staff.  Contact us to find out how you can help or make a donation.

*Do you need another Angel?

We currently have a full staff, but we are always grateful to have help supporting our troops.  We have kept our staff small to reduce the duties managing people and focus on our mission:  sending care packages.

*I am a pin-up model or photographer and I want to donate some prints. 

Please Scroll Down.  We have added a new option!  We are always eager for donations to fill the boxes and provide some morale.  As long as you are willing to provide the prints, we are happy to include your (appropriate) prints in the care packages.  Some generous people who have done this are Cherry Dollface, go-go Amy, Betty Nice, Dayna Delux, Pinups For Pitbulls, Gina Georgette, Paula Baby, Carlita, Kellie Lauren, Ruby Martini, Amanda Lee, Lolita Haze, Tiffany, Evie LaRoux, Veronica Vice, and LA Burlesque. 

*Who reveives Gift Packs?

Our Gift Packs are available to all Active Duty, Reserve, and Veterans of all branches.

*Who receives care packages?

Our care package recipients are typically deployed servicemen and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They are referred to us by friends and family, or contact us to request support. 

*What goes in the care packages?

Our boxes include snacks, holiday items, cards & letters, signed pin-ups, and other items donated by our community.  Please see our Care Package Items for ways to donate.  By requesting a care package for yourself, your platoon, or a loved one, you are consenting to receive pin-up prints in your care package.  Our pin-ups are carefully selected and much safer than images found in popular magazines like Maxim, Stuff, and FHM. 

*How do you send the  Gift Packs and care packages?

We send the APO/FPO Priority Mail Flat Rate and small flat rate boxes via the US Postal Service.  The cost is $4.95 to $11.95 to send and the postage is paid for entirely by donations.

*Who are your photographers?

The Pinup Angels are lucky to have an incredible community of photographers who work with us and often donate their time and creativity to this cause.  We would not exist with out their contributions. 

*Where can I find The Pinup Angels next?  

Please check our calendar here.       


Due to the overwhelming offers from pinups and photographers to help with our care packages, we have created a fun way to help out:

Here's how to donate a Pinup Photo to be added to our troops' care packages along with a cash donation for printing costs.

1.  Images must be quality, appropriate, and high resolution.  Size 5x7 at 300dpi is the minimum size that we can print. (This is no less than 1500x2100 pixels)

2.  A $10 donation to cover printing costs made via PayPal.

3.  Email your image to along with your Pinup Name.  Make your PayPal donation to the same address or click the link here:

 4.  To determine the quality of your images follow these guidelines:

  • Professionally taken
  • No nudes or inappropriate implied nudes
  • No overly suggestive 'behind' shots
  • No unfriendly or controversial content
  • Follow the dimensions listed above
  • Double-check the details before you email your image and make your donation!

5.  You must have permission from your photographer or your model to reprint the images for the purposes of sending in our care packages.  We are able to print photos without a written release, but we cannot accept responsibility for unauthorized use of your images. 

Examples of acceptable images:

If you would like to print your own photos they can be mailed to us at:

We are currently in the process of changing our PO Box address.  Please email us for an address if you wish to snail mail something.
Thank you for helping us send morale and support to our troops!


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