*Hey Angles! My brother is on his 2ND tour in Afghanistan. I know he enjoyed getting packages from you guys his first deployment  and was wondering if you would add him to your list. What you do is awesome.

Thank you SOOOOO much for all of your support. Me and the guys LOVED the gifts and goodies. FORTUNATELY, you can go ahead and remove my name from the mailing list as we're headin home in under 60 days!

Again, thank you for everything!


*To The Pinup Angels,

             I don't have a way to express myself or show all of you ladies how truely I appreciate your support.  From the pictures, to the candy and the girly supplies.  I sure do miss being all nice & pretty and smelling all nice.  I hope maybe someday once I get bach I could Thank You in person. 


Thank you,

Cpl M.



            Once again, I just want to thank you for the care packages.  All of us here in the shop do appreciate your dedication & support.  We do love the toys & snacks you all have provided us...Thank you so much & God Bless. 

PS. We loved the pics!

*Pinup Angels,

            Thank you so much for the care package that you sent us for the 4th of July.  It definately put a smile on our faces and helped fill our stomachs.  Of course we had to work out a little harder because those sweets were just sooo good!  The pictures were amazing!


Patrick S.



            I cannot thank you enough for all of your support throughout this deployement.  Thank you for all the packages you all have sent and the pictures.  We all enjoy every package that has been received.  Thank you Always.

*Dear Pinup Angels,
            Thank you so much for the care package.  It was awesome!!  My buddies here have really enjoyed the Bachelor Pad mags too.  I know many soldiers have probably already said this before, but to get a package over here in the middle of all of this really means so, so much.  I could never thank you enough.  You ladies keep doing what your doing and God bless all of you.  I hope to see you ladies at the shows so that I can personally thank you.  THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

 *Hello pinup angels,
            I just wanted to say thank you guys for everything you have done for me and my fellow soldiers out here in Iraq.  My deployment is almost up.  I only have 5 weeks left!  I can't wait to get back to the USA and have a cold beer.  Again, I want to say think you for everything you have sent me in the past year.  I am truly grateful for that.


Steve E

*HEY !  Thank you so much for all the stuff!  I got your packages today!  I passed out everything to my squad and they loved it!  All my marines say thanks as well.

*Got the package the other day!! I sent you a quick message on the chat, but thought I would write you.  The brownies went first... I couldn't keep the bag in my hand long enough to look through everything before my troops grabbed the brownies. I think I was able to get a half of a piece. Very good to say the least!  I was able to secure the squirt-gun...  That got filled up right away, and I started hunting people when it got dark.  Day operations are more like a treat if you get hit, so I hit everyone as they walk in to talk with me......Good stuff!  I want to thank you for all your support, and can't tell you enough, that you and your friends are awesome! 


*Hey girls thanks for all you guys do.  I met you guys on Sunday of  Ink and Iron of 09.  I had been deployed overseas for so long, I didn’t even know beautiful girls like you even cared for what we do.  You guys gave me this free picture and it gave me motivation to maybe one day come home and find a girl like that.  Thanks for giving us the drive to keep on pushing! 


Dane O.

*Thank you for the packages you sent to me and my friends and fellow soldiers while I was deployed last year. They were really good packages.  People tend to forget about you when your gone for more than a year so it meant a lot to get something new from people who care.  Thanks again.

SGT Corey B and crew

*Thank you so much for the Easter goodies. They made everyone a fan. The pictures that you all sent were probably the best part. They were all passed around the office in amazement. Thank you all for your support. When we get back we will have to hit up some of those fundraisers that you all attend and lend a helping hand. Thanks again.

Brian H

*I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything that you guys sent out.  It made all of our days when we saw the packages from you.  Thanks again.


*Let me start off and thank you and all your friends for what you do. I am with B CO 2/1 STB 2nd BDE 1ID and I just received the packages you sent for my soldiers and myself. They are all excited about receiving them and opening them up. You girls brought a lot of smiles to these hard working soldiers, and thank you. I will be taking pictures of all of them and emailing them to you Angels. I just wanted to thank you girls. We all send our love and best wishes to you ladies and wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day from B Co soldiers we love you all.


CPL Jacob M

*On behalf of my crew and me, I would like to say thank you for all of the wonderful packages that you sent us. The guys and I LOVED the pictures! You all definitely brought our morale up and boosted our spirits, something that doesn't happen very often out here. Again, thank you, and keep up the good work!!!


SSG Neely B. US Army, 97th Trans. Det 3, LCU-2018, Kuwait

*I just want to say how grateful I am for all your hard work.  I've been to war and I know what it means to get support and a little reminder of what's waiting at home.  I was 17 my first tour of Nam. Spent my first Christmas with out my family there. And as you know, we had no support in those days. That was then, this is now. And now that I have nephews who have served in Iraq, well, you can see how much I appreciate your service.

*Dear Angels,
 I came across your pictures in the office I just took over here in Iraq. On behalf of my soldiers, we want to say Thank You! You women are doing great things for the morale of my boys! Being Infantry, we are an all male unit, and even though I love all these beautiful bastards, I would rather look at one of your beautiful Angels. 
 I visited your site, and was struck by how many people there are that were making packages up for soldiers. This is my second tour over here, as well as quite a few of my boys, and we kinda feel like America has forgotten about the war here, as there is hardly any coverage.
 Again, thank you for your work, for the dedication to keeping our troops happy, and for the BEAUTIFUL pictures! It just makes us appreciate women more!!!

SFC Corey L.

Just a quick note to let you know that the boxes of Christmas gifts came in 2 days ago.
I wanted to say that I am so appreciative for the classic beauty that you show and for the love of country to be doing the care packages that you do for us.
As a woman, I am so proud that you are in it for the right reasons, a strong support system to all the "kids" so far away from home.

Again, thanks.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

With great respect
US Military Female doing the damn thing......

*You all are so awesome thank you so much for everything you have done and sent to myself and for my Marines it has helped a lot. Thank you again it means a lot to us.

Sgt L.  USMC

*Got your box a while back!  Thank you for what you’re doing!  I have some of the pictures & cards u sent up on my wall!  I will send you pics of it soon!  Again thanks for what you’re doing & taking time out of your lives to do it!  The box was greatly appreciated!


Spc David J.  Taji,  Iraq  US Army

p.s. I hope to have my old car for the Angels to pose with when I return in sept.

*I just wanted to thank everyone at Pin-Up Angels for all of their support.  I am ending my second tour in Iraq.  The care packages, pictures, and cards that were sent really meant a lot to all of us.  So Thank You!!!!!!!!!


Sgt Dusty S

*Hello Angels,

My name is Timothy and I just got a package from you all... thank you so much! It means a lot to know that there are people (never mind hot ladies such as yourselves) pulling for us in the States. I am over here in Iraq right now and that care package really was kick ass to get! We are over here for 15 months and have 5 already down. It's not too bad but times get tough and something from a stranger is the best thing to get. Packages from family are expected but when you get something with your name on it and it says "Pinup Angels" on it... let me tell ya what! Thank you so much! Oh and the Hot Rod mags... nice touch. I am into building choppers and late model cars so it was something that I could actually read and not just give away. I go on leave in 5 days so I hope that I hear from you all back. It'd be nice to have a pen-pal while over here.. ha! Imagine that... a bunch of Pinups for buddies... that is the American Dream!

Thank You!
SPC Timothy T

*Pinup Angels,

I myself have received a care package from you all just the other day.  I will tell you it made my day.  Not only was I overwhelmed with joy but surprised also.
I especially enjoyed the pics of you gals in the hand made card. I was a nice touch. Just when you start thinking that people back in the states don't really care what goes on here, some sweet ladies like you do all this nice stuff for us. What I like most is no one told you to do it.  You just do. 
Thank you


*Thank you sooo much again and again for the care packages I have received from you all!!! (That’s southern talk!)  I passed around some of the snacks to the boys, I will try and get you a pic from us, and of course they loved it.  Mostly being men, they all had to see the pics you sent!  I am going to put them on some poster board and hang them for everyone to have a slice of America over here. Funny part is I already had the OSR picture of you all (southern once again) hanging in my room with a couple of other pics.  I thought it was funny.  Thanks a million once again, and you didn’t have to do it!  But thanks!!!!  You made some guys smile today!

Chris "Elwood" F.

*Thank you ladies very much for your care package, it really helped
around the shop. It’s usually a feeding frenzy when a package shows up
and this time was no different, but I had first dibs.  That and I’m pretty
much the only cat down with the Kustom Kulture, but I’m converting them
to the dark side.  I plan on visiting Hot Rod Heidi's ink shop, Sunken Ship
when we get back for a little bit of decorations.  I’m very proud to have
the right to do this for all of you.  Thanks again for everything.

Your Sailor,  Dan   

*This is just a thank you from me and my men. I actually got your packages a couple of months ago, but am just now getting back with you. Your packages with the calendar, goodies, and of course the pictures went over very well. It was definitely a pick me up when we returned back in the wire after being out for a few weeks and all this stuff was waiting.  You are all some very beautiful women and must have the hearts to match for doing this all on your own.  We are actually looking at returning back to Ft Lewis, WA in the near future so maybe I will catch you guys at one of these fundraisers some time.

Take care and thanks again, Mark 

* Just wanted to say thank you very much for the care package.  I was also was able to share the care package with some of my fellow soldiers, they were also very pleased.  I hope that you continue to send care packages to fellow soldiers.  It is greatly appreciated.  It is thoughtful.  Again, thanks a bunch. 

 Sincerely,  SPC L.

*Thank you so much to all the pictures of all you beautiful ladies! You
have become quite the hit around our work center! The boys would love
to have more, but I told them that you guys are people too and have
normal lives to live and can't be sending us pictures all the time.
Though it would be great if you could!  Again thank you for all the
pictures. We will be leaving here in November I hope but we are going
to have a detachment of people out here all the time so I could just
give you one of their names and you could send stuff to them? I you
guys would like we can send you a picture of all of us guys out here or
maybe a unit patch for you? Thanks again.

AD1 (SW/SW) Cody F.

*I have received your gift today and this is most appreciated and certainly increases morale and a sense of purpose in what we do on a daily basis.  It was approximately 9 years and 6 months ago that I decided to enlist in the US Navy after graduating from California State University, Hayward in Psychology and I have never regretted this decision.  I wear this uniform with pride and I wish you all peace and happiness. 

“I proudly represent the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone before me to defend freedom and democracy around the world.”


Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class A.

United States Navy

*Dear Pinup Angels,  It is going better here since I got your package.  You are all a huge hit out here.  Everyone in my shop loved the pictures and the other goodies.  Thank you so much for all of it.  If there is anything we can do for any of you just let me know.  Thanks again, it means a lot.


Cpl L. 

*Thank you so much for your letters.  They are just terrific.  They make me feel better every day.  I owe you a debt of gratitude due to your kindness.  Thanks for all the photos, cookies, & sodas.  They were great!!


Thanks, Mike

*Thank You all so much for all of your support!



*I want to say you are the best.  You have provided better care packages than some of the best organizations out there.  I have had 4 tours and can't thank you enough.  You have kept a tradition that has been a round since we hit the trenches.  Once again, Thanks.  We can't tell you enough.

*The boys from A-Co/1-14th Inf Bn wanted me to let you know they say "Thank you for the great package!" They loved it!!

*Thank you so much for the package of goodies.  My team and I enjoyed them a lot.  Thank you for your support.  We could not do this without your support.  Keep the faith and support for us. 


T. L.

*Thank you so much for all the care packages you sent.  My friends and I were amazed at all the snacks and things.  We especially enjoyed the pictures you sent.  You are all very pretty girls.  What we really appreciate more than the material things is what they represent.  They represent your care and support for what we do and that makes all the difference to us.  Thanks again from all the guys in E Co Maintenance Platoon.


Yours, Marcos

*I received your care package yesterday and wanted to thank you.  Troop support is a big deal for me too.  You see, I started this little book/calendar project called Pin Ups For Troops a couple of years ago.  It’s always touching when someone actually cares about us.  Thanks for the support & love.


RDFL, Roger www.pinupsfortroops.com

*You ladies “Rock”.  Thanks for your support.  It’s nice to hear folks like you take the time to take pictures and put packages together for the troops.  We are grateful for every box that you have sent.  If there is one thing this war is worth fighting for…it’s you.  You and all the other folks that make our country so great.  Thank you so much for taking the time.

Fighting for you always, Patrick B.

*Thank you for the gifts.  2nd Recond Bn in Iraq.  Thank you for your support.

*I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  I am a sailor serving as a field medical tech for the Marines in Fallujah,Iraq.


With Love, HM1 B. “Navy Combat Doc”

*Greetings from Iraq,  Some of our folks received your care packages and I just wanted to thank you for your support and everything you do for us.  It is uplifting to know that beautiful young ladies back at home still care about the troops no matter what their personal politics might be.  Unfortunately, the general consensus here, and in the military at all levels, is that the country is against both the war and the nation’s warriors.  It means so much to all of us here.  However, all of your items were shared and the news of your efforts went everywhere.  I hope that you all have a great holiday season and the merriest of Christmases with swift fulfillment of all of your families’ New Year’s wishes.  If you are ever in Iraq, we will have your back. 


Most respectfully, Capt. Adam K. 

*I just wanted to thank all of the Pinup Angels for supporting all of us who are over here in the Middle East and away from our friends, family, and homes over the holidays.  Merry Christmas!


~Rodger W.

*Thank You A Lot!  ~Spc Jeffery W. 

*Thank You so much for the care package!  It was a very nice surprise.   Hope to chat with you all soon.  Merry Christmas!


SPC Shawn R.

*Thank you very much.  All you girls are beautiful and sweethearts.  The package was awesome!



*Thank you for sending us the care package.  The guys have put your postcards up at our desk, and morale is noticeably up today.  It is nice to have little touches of home around and to see American faces as we look toward the holidays.  I am proud to be here, working with some of the finest people I’ve ever known.  Thank you again for your support and your kind words. 


Sincerely, Katherine B.

*Thank you so much for what you all are doing in support of our troops overseas.  Having the support of our friends and families at home is very re-assuring, and makes us feel good about what we are doing.  Keep up the good work.


Sincerely, SSgt. Cory B. US Marines

*Thank you for the care package and all of the photos.  I don’t receive a lot of mail, so it was a good way to end the day.  This is my second tour in Iraq.  I’ve been here for 11 months so far this deployment and 23 months total.  I have two more to go and I’ll be done.  I then get out of the Marines in April.  I can’t wait to get out and be able to go back to school.  It has been a long journey.  Thank you again for the support.


Cpl Shane K.

*I just recieved a box from you fine ladies yesterday. I am Tammy L. in Afghanistan. I want to thank you ladies so much for thinking of us and sending us care packages. You gals did an excellent job in choosing right things for the packages. We all love. Happy holidays, and if ya’ll need something please let me know. Take care.

Tammy L

*Thank you so much!
I got the holiday care packages in this afternoon and distributed everything out to the unit just a bit ago. You guys cant even imagine how much your care packages boost morale here in Afghanistan, especially during the holidays!
Thanks again so much.

Hang Tough....Capt W

*Just wanted to let you know I received your package you sent to me today and after a long ass day of work right when I was about to go to bed I heard a knock on my door, my squad leader handed me a box and said "Who are the Pinup Angels Mack?" I smiled and gave him a detailed explanation on who you guys are and what you do for us.
I then told him I had to head down to the computers and make sure I thanked you. He wanted me to thank you also, as I gave him and my roommates some of the candy and cards you sent because I really hate army dentists =).
And also I’m really glad when I opened up the package and saw the headphones in there, mine broke today when I was on mission because I slammed the trunk on them when we were headed out, I love listening to music and was pretty mad when I saw I broke them.
I cant thank you guys enough for the package you sent It really made me happy. If there is anything at all I can do to help you girls out please let me know. My father is a pretty wealthy man and next time I talk to him I’m going to make sure his company helps you guys out so other soldiers can receive packages to help brighten their day.
Best wishes and may you also have a wonderful holiday season.

Thank you,
SPC Chris M

*I just received two separate care packages - one yesterday, and one today.  the one today was Christmas oriented.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU !!!!   You absolutely made my day (-:  I shared both packages with my Troops, and you made their day as well.


You gals ROCK !!!


Your friend always,



*Pinup Angels,

Thank you very much for everything you sent.  You couldn’t believe how happy this made me feel when I saw the box was for me.  You put everything I needed in it.  Thank you for the magazine, because I miss reading RODZ.  I always buy that every time I go to the supermarket.  And I really needed the socks and batteries.  My flash light last night just ran out of juice and by coincidence your box came with batteries.  You also sent two of my favorite things, beef jerky and applesauce…I’m going to put all the snacks out for all of us to share.  I can’t forget my favorite thing…the pictures of all of you guys.  Thank you very much and you guys look great…wow, sometimes I wish I wasn’t in the Army…because I miss hanging out with hot girls and nice rides…I can’t wait to get back home and finish my ’37 Olds.  You guys really made my day, week, month.  I hope you guys keep in touch and send me a letter once in a while to say HI.  I really appreciate all you have done.  Thanks for keeping our morale up and reminding us that people actually remember us at home.  Thanks again, Love you all!

*Thanks again so much for thinking about us here in Afghanistan.  The care package sure did raise a lot of spirits here on HQISAF.  Please keep up the good work and don’t forget about us during the upcoming holidays!  Take care and Hang-Tough.

* We just wanted to say WOW! And let you know how gorgeous you are, we appreciate you for sending us those pictures and packages it helped out a lot, gave us things we needed and it feels good to know that there are people out there thinking about us, thanks a lot.

From: The Men of 1st Recon (AKA your biggest fans)

*To give you a little background about my
guys, we are a US Marine Reconnaissance Platoon with about 25 members.
They are an extremely motivated group who pride themselves on their work
out here in Iraq.  To say my platoon was excited with all the stuff you
sent is an understatement.  They really appreciated all the pictures and
care packages.  It was a huge morale booster.
Thanks again for all your support!
Semper Fi


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