The Pinup Angels are Pinups Supporting Our Troops. The Pinup Angels
were created in the spring of 2007 by Miss Kitty Baby a U.S. Marine and
Lola Dee-a sister to two Marines. We are currently staffed by a group of
hardworking pin-up girls from all over the USA.

Having sent care packages since the Iraq war started, we were looking for a
new way to raise funds to pay for the contents and postage of the
packages. The idea of 'putting our pin-ups to work' seemed like it might be
a viable fundraiser. Instead of these fun images sitting in a file folder
somewhere, they are out there helping us raise money for care packages.
The Pinup Angels staff are not only models, but they are the driving force
behind all of the boxes packed and they work the events we appear at. We
are also grateful to have help and support from countless individuals in our
communities that are not on our immediate staff.

Our care package recipients are typically deployed servicemen and women
serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. In our first year, we have sent morale
packages to Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard to Iraq,
Afghanistan, Guantanimo Bay, and Okinawa.

We have booths at car shows and other public events, as well as additional
fundraisers. It helps us reach out to the community and get people involved
in supporting our troops. It's also a great place for you to meet The Pinup
Angels and make a donation to help us raise the money we need to get the
job done. For your donation you are rewarded with a signed pinup print
and a smile!
Welcome to the Pinup Angels

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