Frequently Asked Questions
I want to help, what can I do?
We are always grateful to have help and support from countless individuals from our
communities that are not on our immediate staff. Contact us to find out how you can
help or make a donation.

How can I become a Pinup Angel?
We currently have a full staff, but we are always grateful to have help supporting our
troops. We have kept our staff small to reduce the duties managing people and focus
on our mission: sending care packages.

I am a pin-up model and I want to donate some prints to the care packages.
We are always eager for donations to fill the boxes and provide some morale. As long
as you are willing to pay for the printing, we are happy to include your (appropriate)
prints in the care packages. Some generous models who have done this are go-go
Amy, Betty Nice, and Dayna Delux.

I want to send a care package on my own.
We must protect our troops and not give out their addresses. If you want to support
our troops in a way other than through The Pinup Angels, we suggest

Who receives care packages?
Our care package recipients are typically deployed servicemen and women serving in
Iraq and Afghanistan. They are referred to us by friends and family, or contact us to
request support for their platoons.

What goes in the care packages?
Our boxes include snacks, toiletries, games, media, and pin-ups. Please see our Care
Package Items for a complete list. We do not support married men without prior
consent; however the spouses often encourage us to send pin-ups because they are a
fun morale booster and often shared with the whole platoon.

How do you send the care packages?
We send the square Flat Rate boxes via the US Postal Service. These currently cost
$8.90 to send and the postage is paid for by donations and the sales of our pin-up

Who are your photographers?
The Pinup Angels are lucky to have an incredible community of photographers who
work with us and often donate their time and creativity to this cause. We would not
exist with out their contributions.

Where can I find The Pinup Angels next?
Please check our calendar here or on our Myspace page.

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